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By bakerstudent on February 14, 2016

If you already have an internship, or are working on getting one, don’t miss this opportunity!

The Startup Internship Grant awards funds (up to $3,000) to eligible Lehigh University students to subsidize living expenses during a startup-related internship or apprenticeship, enabling students to experience various elements of the rich entrepreneurial ecosystems around the country. Once an eligible student secures an internship or apprenticeship, whether paid or unpaid, working directly with founders/partners of startups, VCs, angel investors, law firms, and other support service organizations in the nation’s tech hubs, or working as startup founders themselves, the student may apply for the Startup Internship  Grant.


Startup Internship Grant applicants must meet eligibility requirements* and provide proof of internship/apprenticeship. Awards will be determined based on the location and duration of the internship/apprenticeship, rate of pay, and financial need status** of an eligible student.

*Eligibility requirements – open to full-time Lehigh University undergraduate students in degree-seeking programs, who are rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors, as well as those having recently graduated with a B.A. or B.S.

In addition, current students (1) must be in good academic standing, and (2) may not be on disciplinary probation. Because each participant’s behavior reflects on Lehigh University, all participants’ disciplinary history is reviewed for award consideration; those whose records indicate a history of inappropriate conduct should expect to have their cases reviewed in depth by the Dean of Students Office and the Baker Institute. Such records will be considered in the final decision about whether a student may receive a Startup Internship Grant award.

**Financial need status – as reported to the Baker Institute by the LU Office of Financial Aid for the most current academic year.

DOWNLOAD APPLICATION DOCUMENTS: You must file the completed Application, Estimate of Need, Student Statement of Understanding, Student Award Disbursement, and W-9 Form to be considered.

The grant was made possible by a generous donor. For more information or assistance with forms, contact (610) 758-5626 or

*** Please also see information about our LaunchBayC Student Accelerator Summer 2014 Mountaintop Project

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