Ideals and Beliefs

  • Entrepreneurial seeds planted today become the successful enterprises of tomorrow.
  • Creative thinking and imagination drive innovation.
  • Everyone has the potential to create value. Our future depends on the implementation of innovative ideas.

Intention and Approach

We provide individuals with the skills, resources and connections necessary to move an idea from problem recognition to sustainable enterprise. We want to help all members of the Lehigh University community create, innovate and drive change by making entrepreneurship resources accessible.


Our programs are open to everyone within the Lehigh University community. We engage entrepreneurship practitioners and related professionals through both our alumni network and Lehigh Valley innovation pipeline to educate and mentor our students in and out of the classroom.


Innovation is most likely to occur at the intersection of disciplines. Because we believe that the elements of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship drive value creation, our programs, courses and infrastructure are available to students in every discipline.


Lehigh students have the opportunity to start a business venture or non-profit organization while still in the supportive environment of the University.  Lehigh entrepreneurs will be well equipped to create both innovative solutions and sustainable value.

Our Vision and Promise