Lehigh University offers more than a dozen undergraduate courses annually in entrepreneurship and social ventures and more than a dozen at the graduate level. New undergraduate and graduate courses are added every year. Among new offerings are the Master’s Degree in Technical Entrepreneurship program and LehighSiliconValley, a one-week, for-credit, immersion course for sophomores through graduate students, which both launched in 2012.

Whether your interests are in tech startups and venture capital or how to start a new social justice organization, international NGO, or environmental nonprofit, we encourage students of all flavors and interests to explore the entrepreneurial process and to develop more innovative, entrepreneurial attitudes and the skills to tackle the status quo and change things.

Courses are hands-on and involve interaction and mentoring with real entrepreneurs. Nearly all are taught by experienced entrepreneurs – no textbooks to get dusty here.


We offer undergraduate entrepreneurship courses that span a wide range of topics. A list of courses offered in the 2013 calendar year are listed below, and course descriptions can be found here.

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Community for Creative Industries
  • Software Ventures
  • The Venture-Backed Company
  • Art Entrepreneurship in the Community
  • Entrepreneurship and Enterprise
  • Gender Issues in Entrepreneurship
  • Decision Making in Small Business and Non-profit Enterprise
  • International Social Entrepreneurship
  • Nonprofit Administration
  • Social Entrepreneurship: How to Change the World
  • The Garage: Launching Entrepreneurial Ventures I and II
  • The Business of Life Science
  • Creating/Sustaining Non-Profit
  • Independent Study, Special Topics, and Honors Projects

And we’re kicking the tires on ideas for more. Let us know at if you are interested in courses in creativity; in entrepreneurship in music and the arts; in green tech; or an ideation sandbox course for new media educational technologies. We’re sure to give a couple new ones a test run in coming semesters.


Offerings at the graduate level are equally comprehensive, and many are packaged as flexible Short Course Modules that can fit around the curriculum of any graduate program on campus. View graduate course descriptions here.

VENTURESeries modules include developing a business plan; intellectual property; entrepreneurial marketing; assessing market potential and valuation; financing seed stage companies; venture capital; pro formas; IPOs and exit strategies; new venture organization and management; and creating production and delivery infrastructure.

LehighSiliconValley, a January-term immersion program in California’s Silicon Valley, is also offered to graduate students in any discipline.

All 300-level entrepreneurship courses are also open to graduate students.

Graduate level entrepreneurship courses offered in the 2013 calendar year:

  • Business Plan I: Strategic Considerations
  • Business Plan II: Operating Strategies and Implementation
  • Anatomy of Entrepreneurship: Start-Ups and Established Companies
  • Market Opportunity: Targeting Strategies and Selling Tactics
  • Intellectual Property: Management and Valuation
  • Performing a Business Enterprise Audit: Developing an Industry Perspective
  • Processes and Infrastructure: Creating Production and Delivery
  • The New Venture Organization: Management Design and Governance
  • Financial Forecasting Developing Pro Forma Financial Statements
  • Financing Start-Ups: Seeking Outside Venture Capital
  • Establishing Credit Facilities: Asset-Based and Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Developing Exit Strategies: Concepts and Approaches
  • Integrative Experience/New Venture Internship
  • LehighSiliconValley
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Idea to Opportunity
  • Surviving the Downturn
  • Bench to Market
  • Special Topics

Courses in the Technical Entrepreneurship Master’s Program include:

  • Creativity and Systematic Innovation Methods
  • Methods in Visual Thinking
  • Methods in Prototyping, Modeling and Testing
  • Entrepreneurial Startup Process and Projects
  • Intellectual Property Creation and Management
  • Integrated Product Development Process and Projects

For the full list of courses and course descriptions offered in the Technical Entrepreneurship Master’s Program click here

Whether an undergraduate or graduate, join us to learn explore your innovative ideas and learn from the best in entrepreneurial education!



























































































Undergraduate Courses Undergraduate entrepreneurship courses offered in the 2013 calendar year: Introduction to Entrepreneurship (ENTP 101) Community for Creative Industries (ENTP 123) Introduction to Systematic Creativity Techniques (ENTP 195) Software Ventures (ENTP 196) The Venture-Backed Company (ENTP 197) Art Entrepreneurship in the Community (ENTP 198) Entrepreneurship and Enterprise (ENTP 201) Gender Issues in Entrepreneurship (ENTP […]


New Professional Master’s Degree in Technical Entrepreneurship (M.Eng.) For recent graduates of engineering, business, science and design, Lehigh’s Professional Master’s in Technical Entrepreneurship provides training in the art and practice of creating new companies while bringing revolutionary products and services to market. The one-year, in-residence program draws upon Lehigh’s deep-rooted and powerful ecosystem of programs […]

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