Michael W. Levin ’87 Advanced Technology Competition

The Levin Advanced Technology Competition seeks to fund student innovators enrolled in the College of Engineering who need additional capital to move their early stage technology venture to the next level. The winners of this competition have previously won the Thalheimer competition or have advanced their technology or commercialization efforts to a higher level.


2015-2016 Winners

1st Kostas Hatalis ’17, Dustin Dannenhauer ’17, Robert Weber ’16, Gaudium Labs

2nd Aileen Bidad ’16, Cyclic Solutions

3rd Emily Macmillan ’16, IronArm Exoskeleton

Honorable Mention:  Jon Merwine ’16G, The Artemis

2014-2015 Winners

1st Matt Bilsky ’12 ’14G ’16G – Impossible Incorporated LLC

2nd Jake Puzycki ’14 ’15G – Blink

3rd Brent Lorraine ’16 – BrightDimmer

2013-2014 Winners

First Place:
tmx: Rami Khouri ’05 ’06G, Ravi Boppana ’16G

Second Place:
IncuMagic: Keith Martin ’13 ’14G

Third Place:
Valkyrie Truck Company: Evan Aamodt ’13 ’14G, Andrew Rigotti ’13 ’14G

Honorable Mentions:
Buddy System: MaryLeah DiNisco ’13 ’14G
Mad Scientist Coral: Fred Carter ’13 ’14G, Platte Gruber ’14G

2012-2013 Winners

Second Place:
Das Bier Macher: Matthew Fuchs ’11 ’13G, Zachary Hyder ’12 ’13G

Third Place
AutoMobility Solutions: Brandyn Bok ’15, Kyle Lum ’15
Eko-cell: Steven Bell ’15, Nathan Goodman ’14

2011-2012 Winners

First Place:
ChallTech,  Chris Hall ’13

Second Place:
COFTEK, Matthew Fuchs G’12 and Ukrit Thamma G ’12

Third Place:
R3GA,  Rachel Freedman ’14 and Stephanie Potter ’14

Finalist Prizes:
E-Gow-Rov, Zachary Gow ’13 and Andrey Egorov ’16; The Rip Sense,  Max Fayans ’13 and Nicholas Hartman ’15

2010-2011 Winners

First Place:
A&E MedTech, Adam Kirell ’10 G ’12 and Erik Lillydahl ’10 G ’12

Second Place:
LumenEssence, Brian Berzin  ’12



Our Vision and Promise
When creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship are taught together ideas take shape; ideas when properly nurtured can lead to discovery, value creation, and a better tomorrow for all.