Joan F. & John M. Thalheimer ’55 Student Entrepreneurs Competition

The Thalheimer Student Entrepreneurs Competition awards funding to students interested in launching innovative ventures with early stage business models. These include, but aren’t limited to, for-profit startup ideas in any industry, field, or area of interest in technology, science, non-technical, retail, environment, Internet, products or services, etc.


Contact Eureka! Director Lisa Getzler, (610) 758-4620 for more information.

2015-2016 Winners

Peter Schwarzenberg ’16, Nicholas Hirdt ’17, South Mountain Medical

First Place

JJ O’Brien ’16, Greg Potter ’16, GreekPillar

Second Place – Tie

Dylan Cato ’16, Altor

Benjamin Gershbein ’16, SnailIt

Third Place – Tie

Cameron Feathers ’16, Preppy Pony

Caleb Conradi ’18G, Refined Bowties Company

Honorable Mention

Kyle Koenig ’17, RollSki

2014-2015 Winners

Grand Prize:

Briana Gardell ’14 ’15G – Messimatic

Thalheimer UG 2014-2015

1st Brian Hruza ’14 – PhoneHome Project

2nd Chris Coffin ’16 – ThermoPro

3rd Amos Ambler ’14 – MechX

HM Alex Valentino ’16, Chris Petruzela ’16, Kyuhyun Choi ’16 – Local Beats

HM Samantha Brooks ’16 – Smash:  Guacamole Bar

Thalheimer Grad 2014-2015

1st Lauren Villaverde ’14 ’15G – Stackablz

2nd Brian Flynn ’15G ’16G, Mike Curley ’14 ’15G – Better Beer Bottles

3rd Sean Caverly ’15G – Medgineer Products

HM Raymond Hayduk, Jr ’14G – QUICKShop

HM Steve Boerner ’15G – Hatch House

2013-2014 Winners

Grand Prize:
Krass & Co.: Pierson Krass ’14

First Place:
Undergraduate: Shady Eyedeas: Matthew Sheffield ’17
Graduate: ArchiTrep: Hive Space: Lisa Glover ’13 ’14G

Second Place:
Undergraduate: Endless Tone: Dean Kroker ’16
Graduate: Beylin: Daniela Kucher ’13 ’14G

Third Place:
Graduate: Football Toolkit: Gary Houk ’15G

Honorable Mentions:
Undergraduate: EduQuarium: Tyler Edwards ’15; RIND: Dominique Brown ’14
Graduate: Jolie Coquette: Kimber -Lee Alston ’13 ’14G; Kleine Beine Farm: Katharine Kriner ’14G

2012-2013 Winners

Grand Prize:
Cool Talk Communicator, Azim Sonawalla ’12 ’13G

First Place:
, Jake Huber ’09 ’14G, Greg Horn ’07

Second Place:
, Katelyn Gaynor ’14G

Third Place:
Krass & Co.
, Pierson Krass ’13

2011-2012 Winners

Grand Prize:
UVS Technologies, Douglas Kirk ’14G

First Place:
Ogo Outdoor, Marshall Nill ’15

Second Place:
Eleanor Kalle, Randi Tutelman ’12 and Amy Mazius ’13

Third Place:
Jaddler, Robert Sobieski ’12 and Michael Kot ’12

Finalist Prizes:, Joel Robinson ’14, Nick Roessler ’13 and Sean Joy ’13;  Zippy, Michael Bacci ’12G

2010-2011 Winners

First Place:
Eleanor Kalle, Randi Tutelman ’12 and Amy Mazius ’13

Second Place:
Minty Fresh Clean Machine, Ilan Beitscher ’12

Tied for Third Place:
Kini Chai, Kirndeep Singh ’13 and John Formica ’13
Lucky Mug Ventures: Campus View, Aaron Wilensky ’12, Mario Delgado ’11, Patrick Lee ’13 and Jacob Kennon ’12

Thalheimer Fellows:
Bada Ding, Mackenzie Barth ’12 and Jiaqi Hang ’13
Haus, Bryan Swintek ’12
Simply Anti, Andrew DiPietro ’11

Our Vision and Promise
When creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship are taught together ideas take shape; ideas when properly nurtured can lead to discovery, value creation, and a better tomorrow for all.