Separate from the EUREKA! Ventures Competition Series, the Baker Institute offers the i Prize, an annual cash prize for a new idea, invention, or innovation.

The i Prize is open to Lehigh University students. Finalists are required to exhibit during the Innovation Alley event at the annual Innovate! Celebrate awards dinner on April 21. Winner(s) of the i Prize are announced at the awards dinner. A cash prize of up to $1,500 is divided among the winners.

For more information, contact (610) 758-5626 or

Recent winners:

– 2013-14 – (a tie) Benjamin Hain ’14, creator of Green Wave, a no-money-down system for insulating houses; and graduate student Chongzhao Wu for the terahertz semiconductor laser for a space telescope – See poster

– 2012-13 – Jessie Garcia ’12 ’13G, creator of Tozuda’s low-tech, force-detecting mouth guard for athletes – See poster

– 2011-12 – Allyson Coff ’12 and Alexander Galakatos ’12, founders of Streamback, which combines music downloading and charitable giving



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